Small howto create an isometric map

This is a small howto setup an isometric map correctly (done for oblice2 on IRC, but this issue came up more than once).

The main thing I usually see going wrong is that the map tile width/height was not matching the actual tileset width/height. Which (especially in isometric mode) results in very weird results when drawing to the map.

Starting with the tileset:

You see that each tile has a width of 64 and a height of 32.

So create a new map like this:

Add the tileset like this:

Now you should be able to draw the tiles correctly.



If only implementing an isometric game in unity was easy. :frowning:

The pathing for ai can get extraneously odd

For this, the trick is usually to do the AI pathing in a plain “orthogonal” mode, and use the isometric projection only for display purposes.

Thanks @ablu! For new comer in all things about tile based game, this is really helpful

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