Strange behavior when stamping multiple-selected tiles onto isometric map

I am unable to stamp in a set of tiles onto an isometric map. The tiles end up coming in incorrectly placed. It kind of makes sense as to why this happens- the way the tileset is presented in the tilesets viewer is not isometric, and it seems to incorrectly copy them over in perspective alignment. So maybe my tileset is imported wrong or something?

Indeed it sounds like you have your isometric graphics cut up in too small pieces, which won’t line up when placed on the isometric grid. You need to make sure that when adding your tileset, you choose a tile size that does not cause tile graphics to be cut into pieces. In this, isometric maps are different from orthogonal maps, where this problem does not exist.

Maybe the following howto can help as well:

You just need to keep in mind that when your tiles are bigger, you need to choose a bigger tile size when adding the tileset.

Ah, I see. The tileset I was using has objects of varying sizes which makes using a single tileset for all of its objects difficult. I broke out the larger objects into their own tileset with tile sizes equal to the object sizes and that works nicely.