Stamping with new multi-layered brush while flipped is bugged

If I have a tile brush that is multi-layered and I flip it (hitting X) the tiles are slightly messed up (like some are not being flipped). I haven’t deep dived on what exactly is going wrong yet.

Version 2018.03.21 Mac

Looking at this further, it seems to only mess up if I have (for example) a tile on layer 1 and then the same tile on layer 2 (which is redundant and not what I wanted). The tile on layer 2 is not flipped.

My mistake… it is flipping layer 1, but it doesn’t flip layer 2. It doesn’t matter what later I have selected, it seems to only flip the first layer of the multi-layered brush. It did a simple test of grabbing tiles from layer 1 and then adding tiles form layer 2 and then flipping the brush and only layer 1 flips.

You’re 4 development snapshots behind, and the issue you’re running into was fixed in this one.

Thanks. For some reason I thought I had already downloaded snapshot. I was wrong. :frowning: