Brush with tiles on different layers

(Karl Salameh) #1

Hey, is it possible to create a sort of brush that will place one tile on a layer, and another tile on another layer? (Tree trunk + tree leaves)

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #2

Yes, if you install the latest development snapshot, which includes this feature:

You can find it on listed as “snapshot”.

(Karl Salameh) #3

Big thank you! It works great. A few bugs with the cursor but otherwise it’s super useful, thanks. :slight_smile:

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #4

That’s great to hear! But please elaborate on the bugs with the cursor that you noticed.

(Karl Salameh) #5

Hi bjorn,

Simply, often times the mouse cursor is the hand grabbing instead of the arrow pointer or whatever it should be. Only a visual glitch though.

(Ron) #6

One thing I’ve noticed about using brushes on multiple tile layers is if one layer is hidden, the entire brush doesn’t show up. I have trees, where the base of the tree is in one layer, the top of the tree is in another and the collision (just on the base) is in a 3rd layer. Everything works if the collision layer is visible, but I often work with the collision layer hidden and when it is, I can’t stamp (or see) the entire brush if it effects the hidden layer.

It would be OK (for me) if I just didn’t see the part of the brush going to the hidden layer.