Suggestion: Mirror Tool

Well, yeah, so we can make symmetrical maps like in the kind-of mobile port NotTiled.

(NotTiled tho is a bit optimized for making maps for Rusted Warfare)

So NotTiled provides a mirror tool, and you’re asking for the same functionality in Tiled?

Currently Tiled only provides “mirror” functionality as part of the Terrain Brush, where holding Alt will apply the edit also at 180 degree rotation. Of course, that isn’t really a mirror, but for strategic maps this usually leads to nicer results while also giving each of two players equal chances.

For the Terrain Brush, this change could be implemented without raising further questions, like should the tile graphic be mirrored as well? And 180 degree rotation vs. actual mirroring also avoided the question of how to deal with maps that have odd tile dimensions.

Can you be more specific what you need this for, and how you expect it to behave?

NotTiled seems to mirror similarly,.

I am pretty sure that you can use scripting in Tiled for that purpose. Mirror tool in NotTiled simply copies half of the map (left side) and paste it on the other side (right side) while reversing the order thus it looks mirrored. It doesn’t flip/rotate the tiles, as we’ll need the original tile data for the Auto tiles.