Symmetrical brush

Some strategy games need symmetrical maps to be played fairly when it comes to multiplayer/competitive.

I would suggest a feature that lets you set a “center”, and then anything you draw will be mirrored according to that center. You can select the level of mirroring - if it is 2, then a tile is draw on the opposite side of the center, if it is 3, it makes a triangle, if 4, a square, etc… Like shown below:

Quite an interesting idea. Would this work at all though, with triangular symmetry and orthoganal tiles? As a tool it would have to work “across the board” I believe. I like the idea of angular symmetry though, may be quite useful.

I like the general idea, but there’s more options to consider. In the case of a two player/team situation you’d want to be able to pick from horizontal, vertical and rotational symmetry for instance.
Maybe this would work best as a plug-in (at first)?

I reckon the angular symmetry brush exposed in the first post would serve as a foundation to all that, but if not, the closest thing we might do is a mirror mode that splits the with a line (so if you draw on one side, it mirrors on the other).

Actually yeah, I think these are two feature requests both very useful:

A global mirror mode for horizontal/vertical drawing, and an angular symmetry brush.

Actually, Tiled features the first option since a while already, though only for the Terrain Brush (see paragraph about holding Alt).

It was developed on request for this game:

It would be good to make it more discoverable than hiding it below a shortcut, and of course it would be nice to extend it with further options and make it work more generally.

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