Terrain: how to draw with 1x1 brush-size?

A simple terrain brush-size is 3x3 (or 2x2 holding Ctrl).
How can I draw a terrain with a 1x1 brush-size?

My terrain consists of 4 outer-corners, 4 inner-corners, 4 sides, and center.
I want be able to draw single tiles instead of doubles

Based on the description of your terrain, its similar to the ones i use. Theres no way to just do a 1x1 terrain because you would just use the center tile at that point. Unless you want it to combine all the tiles into one, which isnt possible unless you make a new tile that way. For example taking the left and right side tiles and photoshop them into the same tile. But then im not sure how Tiled would use that with the terrain tool.

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