Terrain tool and single blocks?

Heya! It seems like the terrain tool and brush cannot support single tiles like RPGmaker can, mostly due to the way that the selection tool always melds.

Is this true?
Seems like the “small brush” only goes down to 2x2.

Any insight?

You can hold Control for a smaller editing area.

Note though that it will still need to modify 4 tiles to make a small patch, since it works with the corners rather than the center of the tiles.

So there’s no 1x1 brush and no ability to create 1x1 auto-tiling blocks because of the selection tool limitation?

Ok! Thanks :confused:

Not sure what you mean with selection tool. This is a limitation of the way the terrain system works. It is simply a different system than the approach used by RPG Maker.

The terrain tool is documented on the wiki: