Using terrain brush to draw walls

Hey all,

I’ve just cracked into Tiled and really enjoying the program thus far. I have learned the basics of the terrain brush and am now hoping to use it for painting walls.
For example, my tileset.

I’d like to have Tiled draw this intuitively. Is this easily achievable and is there a guide on how to do this? Thank you so much in advance for your response.

While it’s technically possible to label the tiles in a way that should make this work, but the Terrains algorithm can’t deal with such situations well and will make a mess the vast majority of the time ): Walls like this are beyond what Terrains can do currently.

You could instead draw the tops of the walls (the parts with dark grey) with Terrains, and use Automapping to add the vertical parts. The Automapping docs even include an example that does exactly that, except simpler (the walls in the example are 1 tile tall).

Thank you. I will have a look at the Automapping and see if I can sus it out.

Ah I’ve just made a brush with only the tops and that’s actually quite nice to work with and will still save a ton of time. Thanks so much!