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I just started using Tiled and could not find any info to answer my question. So I have a tilemap done, using 8x8 tiles, but the game logic operates on a different grid size (16x32, for example) so I wanted to add an object layer that had this different grid size. I can see there are offset parameters for the layer so I half expected to see width and height too. Am I looking in the wrong place? Is there a different workflow for what I’m trying to do? I could turn the visual part of the level into an image and use as a background for a new file with the new grid but that’s inconvenient

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This cannot be done in Tiled currently. In your game engine, when loading the map, you’ll need to adjust the coordinates and sizes of everything for your desired grid size (should be as simple as multiplying all the coordinates and dimensions by the size ratio, e.g. to go from 8x8 to 16x32, multiply x by .5 and y by .25).

Relevant recent thread:

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Diablo’s tile layout is 40x40 but the items and NPCs uses a 80x80 grid. To deal with this what we have done is set the map size to 40x40, then handle NPCs and objects as … objects and lock things to the fine grid at 2x. At export we then devide all object ordinates by 32. Not ideal but it works.

@AJenbo Diablo? Like, the first one? Are you modding it?


Mostly I’m trying to foster a mod community for it.

Tiled is as of yesterday the only fully featured Diablo 1 editor outside of Blizzard.
(one previously existed, but did not have support for transparent walls)

P.s. one thing that I think Tiled really needs is tile names (there is no way to tell the barrel from the exploding barrel) and also a search function for the tile browser.

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