Tiled 0.18.2 released

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #1

Tiled 0.18.2 is out now, bringing some bugfixes and minor improvements.

A note for Windows users upgrading from 0.18.0 or older versions using the installer: Please first uninstall Tiled manually and then reinstall using the installer. Due to fixing the installer to work properly system-wide, it will fail to upgrade versions before 0.18.1 and leave behind a broken Tiled.


  • Fixed crash when deleting multiple selected objects
  • Fixed crash when moving multiple selected objects to another object layer
  • Fixed updating of values displayed in Objects and Layers views
  • GmxPlugin: Added support for image collection tilesets
  • Object Types Editor: Improved behavior when adding new types (#1448)
  • Linux: Fixed shipping of image format plugins in AppImage releases (#1444)

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release with bug reports, suggestions or patches!

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