Tiled 1.1 Support in Tiled2Unity

Just a quick note that Infinite Maps and Templates (yeah!) are now supported in the latest release of Tiled2Unity.

You can read about it on my devlog here.

I’m always a bit nervous when pushing out such a big change so let me know if you run into any problems.


That is great @Seanba! It’s awesome that you are so excited about these new features and so fast to adjust Tiled2Unity.

Any feedback about these features in Tiled would also be very appreciated. For infinite maps I think most problems are addressed now (apart from missing chunked-mode for JSON and Lua exports). For templates there are some actions missing still, but the main problem is that I’ve gotten zero feedback about using them so far.

I’m not quite sure why I would use templates over the existing object type editor. They seem to have the same functionality?

The existing object type editor only allows you to pre-define custom properties based on a type. Normally you’d have to make sure to give each of your objects that type, for those properties to show up. This workflow was improved somewhat for tile objects in Tiled 1.0 with the introduction of type inheritance from tiles.

You’re right that currently, when comparing strictly tile objects, the templates do not add a lot. All they add for these objects is the ability to specify a different default size and rotation for the instances.

However, a template can be made for all object types (not just tile objects). So in general, it provides a way to avoid repeating yourself by not having to set the type, custom properties and also the size or the polygon shape, for each instance you’d like to have in your maps. The more we extend objects in the future, the more this pays off. And of course, when you use templates instead of copy-pasting, you get the benefit of being able to edit this template, indirectly affecting all its instances.

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Can you explain this one a bit? Or point to a link? Thanks.

EDIT: Nevermind. Found a link. Thanks!

I’ve still edited my post to add a link to the docs. Good idea! :slight_smile: