Tiled API Scripting: Tileset changed event


is there an event like TileMap.currentLayerChanged for Tilesets?

thanks in advance.

If you mean a signal for the Tileset currently selected in the Tileset Editor, there’s tiled.activeAssetChanged, which is emitted any time you change documents (Maps or Tilesets), you can check whether the new active asset is a Tileset.

If you mean a signal for the tileset currently selected in the Tilesets Panel, no, there is not. There are signals for the currently selected terrain and terrain set changing in MapEditor, but nothing for the tileset changing. Would be quite useful! Perhaps also one for TilesetView that is emitted when the currently selected tiles are changed.

hi @eishiya, thanks for the reply.

that’s what i’m looking for.

yep, that would be really nice.

Is there any way to request this feature?

This forum, or better yet, open an issue on Tiled’s GitHub.

I’ve added the requested change event for the upcoming Tiled 1.9.1 release:


Work like a charm! Thanks!!!

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I get the following errors:
from pytmx.util_pygame import load_pygame
line 9 from pytmx.util_pygame import load_pygame
I thought the file might be corrupted so I tried to reinstall via pip, but no luck.

from xml.etree import ElementTree
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘xml.etree’