Tiled filtered by Windows SmartScreen?


I want to install Tiled (today’s version, released 25th april, 2018), but my Windows 8 SmartScreen comes on to tell me that it is dangerous?! I have tried both the installers and the snapshots. What could be wrong?

SmartScreen probably sees it as dangerous because it does not recognize the binary (which would not be surprising given its age), but that is just an assumption. Rest assured, the Tiled binaries are built on a clean environment at AppVeyor so the chance that they would be infected by anything is extremely slim.

Does Windows 8 SmartScreen allow you to ignore the warning?

Sorry to hijack this topic, but how do you build the Mac and Linux versions? I’d love to find a cloud service that can do what AppVeyor does but for Mac and Linux.

OK, thanks - just what I needed to know. I’ll ignore the warning and install…

The Linux release, as well as the Linux and macOS snapshots are built on Travis CI, which just like AppVeyor also compiles each commit and pull request. Since recently AppVeyor is also supporting Linux, but I haven’t tried it yet (and I’m fine with Travis CI).

At the moment I’m still making the macOS release archives manually on a Mac Mini, but that’s just because I did not get around to setting that up on Travis CI as well.