Tiled stretching tiles

I’ve been trying to add background to my platformer for 3 days. I’m using libgdx and the image disappeared before character moved out of the frame because it was too big - I asked about it on stackoverflow and they advised me to cut the background image in pieces and import it as tiles.

My problem is, why is the program constantly stretching my tiles? I can clearly see that my tile is 96x192, so it can be divided by 32. My map tile size is 32x32. But when I put my tile on the map it looks like this: stretchedTile

What’s going on? Do you guys have any recommendations how to solve this, or how to add my background so it is rendered properly?

Hey @Deso, welcome to the Tiled forums! I was trying to help you earlier on StackOverflow.

What I don’t understand, is why are you able to place the tile in the bottom-left fine but not the tree? If they’re both from tilesets based on an image that is cut into 32x32 pieces, then what causes the strange stretching of the tree? It should work exactly the same.

Maybe it would help if we could look at how your files are set up, so if you can please attach a .zip file with the tileset + map so we can try to reproduce the issue.