HELP! I'm a new user

when I try to save an image, tiled does not save it to me in the size I had pre-set but in a larger size. why?
in my case I had created a tilemap in 1280x720 but saved it in 1310x836. help please

It’s hard to diagnose this without seeing your map and the output.

Are your tiles perhaps a different size from the tile size of the map? In that case, they will stick out of their “slots”.

i created a tilemap 1280x720 16x16, but i used a tileset 16x and another one 32x.
maybe i have to use just 16x tileset

That could be it, although the height difference seems rather large for just that to be the problem. If you use 32x32 tiles in a 16x16 map, they will stick up and out of their cells, potentially expanding your map and overlapping other tiles.

If you want to mix 16x16 and 32x32 tiles, you can use your 32x32 as 16x16, i.e. each 32x32 tile would be four 16x16 tiles that you would need to use together. It would be more of a hassle to use, but it would avoid any overlap or inconsistency problems.

@andre_lspsk Welcome to the Tiled forums!

Could it be that you accidentally moved one of your layers? This could grow the overal size of the image by arbitrary amounts. Try selecting each of your layers and check their “Horizontal Offset” and “Vertical Offset” properties.

Thank you guys, I will use your suggestions and I will let you know. :hugs::hugs: