Tilemap export to defold

Hi, does Tiled version 1.2.4 supports export to Defold?
Added plugin tiled-plugin-defold, but do not see option to export to defold.
I am using mac version.
Also application crashes, when I try to disable defold plugin.

With the libdefold.dylib plugin enabled you should see a “Defold files (*.tilemap)” option in the dropdown in the Export As dialog.

I’m getting a crash on Linux as well when disabling the plugin. That appears to be a bug caused by using the plugin object after it has been deleted. I’ll push a fix for this soon.

Note that earlier today I’ve merged another Defold plugin that exports a map to a collection file rather than a tilemap file. This will be included in the next development snapshot.

The following change takes care of the crash when unloading a plugin: