Tileset Categories

Is there a way to organize Tilesets into “Categories” to make it easier for users to “drill down” to the one they want?
Here is an example series of Tilesets I am working with (and I am not done yet…):

On the surface it looks complex and hard to find things. But if you study the list, they all fall into a few natural categories, such as “Roads”, “Walls”, “Edges”, “Hedges”, “Buildings”, and so on.

It would be very handy to be able to assign a Category to a Tileset, and then have this picklist be organized by Category, with the individual Tilesets indented under their respective Category.

Similarly, in the tab area at the top of the Tileset window, it would be very handy to have a “Super Tab” of the Categories, and when you pick one, then only the Tilesets in that Category have tabs visible. With this many tilesets in our implementation, it’s pretty cumbersome to use the tabs at the top… too much scrolling left/right to get to the desired Tileset.