Use by 16x16 and 8x8 tilesets?

Is there an option to use both? If i try to change the map properties from 16x16 to 8x8, it messes up. I wanna be able to use 8x8 to add fine details, instead of having to create a bunch of duplicated tiles with slight variations.

While you can use any size tile in any map, the grid size of all layers in a single map is always consistent.
If you’re looking to use 8x8 tiles to add details, you have these options:

  • Use an 8x8 map and use all your tiles as 8x8, so your larger “tiles” are used as 2x2 tile blocks.
    • This is the simplest and more robust option, but it may make using some Tiled features, like Terrains, more annoying.
  • Use your 16x16 tiles normally, and use Tile Objects to place the 8x8 details, snapping to the fine grid.
    • This is fine if you render your tiles out as images in the end, or if you’re able to load the Tile Objects into the same tilemaps as the Tile Layers in your engine, but can cause performance issues in your game if you have many such tiles rendered separately from the tile layers.
  • Create a metatileset that contains all your desired 16x16 permutations of your 8x8 tiles.
    • This is more up-front set up, but then the tiles are usable as normal 16x16 tiles, without needing all the duplicate tiles in your tilesheet image. However, few engines support metatilesets.
  • Use an 8x8 tile grid and use both 16x16 and 8x8 tiles, making sure to place the 16x16 tiles only at even locations. A scripted tool to help automate this is available here: tiled-scripts/Large Tile Stamp Tool at main · eishiya/tiled-scripts · GitHub
    • All built-in Tiled tools, such as Terrains, will attempt to place your larger tiles next to one another, overlapping them, so you’ll be limited in the tools you can use. Automapping can help though, you can, for example, do terrain-like behaviour with it.
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