What is this error when loading a tileset?

Please set your language to English before making a screenshot next time, cause I can’t read this.

I believe this message is trying to tell you that the image you picked contains no tiles based on the given parameters like tile size, spacing and margin. This can happen if the image is too small, for example.

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Here is the message in English

Yeah, so that’s the problem I described earlier. Can you share the tileset image you’re trying to use?

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I always did my tilesets with multiple dimensions of 32,because of a problem in my photoshop I did with the paint and the picture ended up with the following dimensions 32x17, that’s what caused this error?

Yes, Tiled can’t cut 32x32 tiles out of an image that is only 17 pixels high.

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Instead of giving such an error, why not disallow filling in obvious illegal numbers?

You can fill in the numbers and choose the image in any order you want. Also, the numbers are pre-filled based on the map grid size before the image is chosen. Finally, it’s not so simple because the numbers play together. If you set a 2 pixel margin for example, the maximum possible tile width becomes “image width - margin”.

So in the end, it’s just easier to verify things at the end. I added the error only in order to be more helpful than simply creating an empty tileset.

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OK, thank you for explaining me :smile: