White Border problem

Hi guys.
I work with Tiled for the first time and faced such a problem. White borders at the junction between tiles. Looking at the atlas of objects, I do not see these boundaries.
Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13

Maybe you don’t see the borders when looking at each tile individually, but Tiled does nothing else than rendering your tiles in a grid. I expect that when you would do the same manually in any image editor, you would see the same light edges between the tiles.

To fix it you’ll likely need to adjust your tile graphics such that this edge is not so visible. Since you seem to have mostly light grass sticking out from the top, I’m thinking you may want to adjust the bottom of your tiles to have more of the darker shaded lower parts of the grass to compensate. You may need separate tiles for this, since it could look weird to have shaded edges when the adjacent tile doesn’t have tall grass.

Alternatively you may try to find a pattern that avoids the overlap, but of course the tileset is more versatile and easier to work with when you do use the overlap.

Yes, I already looked in a graphic editor and also saw the boundaries. I removed the extra pixels and now not much visible border.
it is strange that this graphics pack sell with such errors

Hmm, definitely. That’s something you’ll want to contact the author about. It could also be that they intended the graphics to be used somehow differently, though I’m not sure how (of course, I don’t know the complete set).

Try checking your title sizes
pixels ,10/10 or 100/100 are good.
Pixels ,10/12 or 100/ 258 are bad.

Tiles must be square down to the amount of pixels across and down.