Tiled2Unity error missing base_tileset.txt

(Jarred Olmstead) #1

I named my tileset base_tileset and when I export my map to unity from Tiled2Unity it says that it is missing.

I am doing everything in unity off of my E drive and it keeps trying to load from the C drive is there a way to fix this? or can anyone help?

Opening C:\Unity Stuff\Tutorial\Assets\Maps\test_area.tmx …
Tileset file does not exist: C:\base Tilteset.tsx
Map details: { “test_area” size = 75x75, tile size = 16x16, # tiles = 0 }
Parsed: C:\Unity Stuff\Tutorial\Assets\Maps\test_area.tmx

Loading summary
Succeeded: 1
Parsed: C:\Unity Stuff\Tutorial\Assets\Maps\test_area.tmx
Warnings: 0
Errors: 1
Tileset file does not exist: C:\base Tilteset.tsx

(魔大农) #2

Seems like a problem caused by Tiled2Unity. Have you asked its developer?

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #3

I believe I invited @Seanba to this thread already, but he may be busy of course.

(Seanba) #4

(Sorry I’m late to the party.)

Hi there, Jarred. This kind of problem is almost always caused by users moving or renaming tileset files.

A couple of observations:

  • You say the tileset is named base_tileset
  • But the errors says it couldn’t find C:\base Tilteset.tsx

So, it looks like there’s some problem there. Can you open your map in Tiled? I would expect it have a hard time resovling the tileset reference as well.