Art Study - Castlevania Legends

I thought it would be fun to share my tiled reversion of the above mentioned Gameboy whip cracking adventure. After creating the photoshop scene It only took about 4-5 hours getting everything into tiled. A lot of that time was deciding how I wanted to organize the project.

Some notable features I took advantage of:

  • Relinking lost files: Some names had to be changed, and some palettes I removed. Previously I felt terrified if I renamed or lost a file, I’d have to crack open the text and spend a great deal of time researching and attempting to fix. Often it was faster just start over and recreate a scene. I’m very thankful for this feature.

    • Suggestion: Add another option when resource is lost - Remove Tile map.
  • Object manipulation: I used object manipulation for a number of aspects including shading and projectile sprites. These are very valuable in placing gradients to quickly add depth to a scene.

    • I had some confusion as it felt like I was selecting objects of unselected layers. To bypass this I would hide the object layer I felt I might be unintentionally grabbing from. I’m still new to object manipulation so perhaps I was using the feature incorrectly.
    • Suggestion: When exporting an image I would request an option to only export the tile canvas (inside the mech) I placed some shading objects that bled off the working mesh and the resulting image exports modified the size to include these assets. I manually cropped the export of the image to regain it’s canvas size, but I could see it being very handy to add the option.
  • Mirroring/Rotating: I used a considerable amount of mirroring and rotating that saved a great deal of time, and made for enjoyable reuse of assets.

original scene for reference.

Thanks for taking a look. Thought it would be fun to share a little :smiley:


Very nicely rendered! Thanks for sharing your good work! :grinning:

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That’s some amazing work, @joshua_keyes! It’s nice how you’ve used Tiled to also verify that your assets would actually work to recreate a game like this. Thanks a lot for showing this!

And thanks also for your suggestions! I like all of them and definitely would like to add the mentioned features. About the confusing object selection, indeed Tiled allows you to select objects on all layers. This is most of the time the expected behavior I think though. What would definitely help I think would be some hover feedback so you would see before clicking what object you’re interacting with.

I’ve opened issues #1188, #1189 and #1190 based on your feedback.

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Thank for the feedback and the continued awesomeness, bjorn! :smiley: Hope things are going well for you! :smiley:

UPDATE I was awarded second place “Open category runner up” for this piece. YAY!

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Congratulations! It looks great!

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That is beautiful!!!

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