Automapping should transfer tile-animations from rules-file

Hello :slight_smile:

I am using Automapping for border generation. It works well (after some time of getting the hang of it). Afaik the ability to animate tiles is fairly new in Tiled. I created a rule, which outputs an animated tile. But when using automapping the result isn’t animated (that means the tileset isn’t updated to contain the animation). I know I could just create the animation in the tileset with the Animation Editor but that’s cumbersome when having more than 20 maps…

I think it would be great if automapping also updates the animatied tiles. Opinions on that?


That’s an interesting suggestion, which would apply similarly to tile properties, tile collision shapes and terrain information. The thing is that currently only tilesets that are not already part of the target map are added to it, and in comparing tilesets all these things are ignored.

But actually using external tileset files (.tsx) is probably a better solution for your use-case, rather than duplicating this information into all your maps and then somehow keeping it up to date when applying automapping rules.

This should be already possible right now, though external tilesets are cumbersome to work with because you need to temporarily embed them into a map in order to edit them. I’m trying to make external tilesets more comfortable to work with for Tiled 1.0.