Autotile not working with RPG Maker TileSet

Hi im new to this and have a question … i learned how to use autotile drawing roads and water etc but when i try do same for ex a wall using a tile from RPG Maker i keep failing … where can i find more information on this ?

The RPG Maker autotile system works by cutting the tiles in smaller pieces and then recombining them to make the necessary variations of the transitions. Tiled does not do this, it rather leaves the tiles as they are. As such it can’t support RPG Maker terrain tilesets directly.

For use with either Autotiling or the Terrain tool, RPG Maker terrains have to be recombined beforehand to form all necessary variations. Possibly the Remex tool can help you with this.

I believe I’ve figure out a good way to turn 64x64 terrain sets into 96x96 terrains usable by Tiled with a 32px grid. It takes a bit of legwork, but can generate files which are very easy to use once you get going, and make heavy use of Tiled itself in order to do this.

First you take your RPG Maker formatted files, and open them up in a new map with 16x16 tiles. For each 64x64 bit of terrain take each quadrant and stick it into the corners of a 96x96 space; you’ll have an empty plus sign in the middle. Then fill in the empty spaces with the appropriate pieces, but note that you’ll have to flip up/down, left/right in order to get the texture to loop correctly. It’s tough to explain in text, but in the center, bottom-right becomes top-left, top-right becomes bottom-left, etc… On the outside spaces, you just need to flip either left/right or top/bottom.

You’ll need to do this for both a patch of terrain with corners going out (convex) and corners coming in (concave). There will be at least one patch which can be discarded it seems.

That’s the tedious part, but when you are done, you’ll have a “map” of a tileset you can use with Tiled. The next step is to do the “Export to Image”, (don’t export gridlines or grey background) and you’ll have a new tileset appropriate for use in a map with 32x32 tiles.

The best part is that once you’ve done this for one RPG Maker layout, say A1, then you should be able to replace the tileset image with A2 and the translations will already be done and you can save it as another new tileset.

I’m just getting started on this work for myself, but when I am finished I may be able to share my .tmx file so you can convert other files yourself.

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I completed my translations mappings. Turns out you need a different one for each of the different numbers, so A1, A2, A3 etc… all get their own mapping, but A1 and A1_2 can use the same mapping. There may be some slight translations errors but I had it working well for the tilesets I wanted to translate, and it should get you 95% of the way to usable tiles. The tilesheets themselves end up being about 50-100% larger than the originals, so if you are using an engine where your textures need to be powers of 2, then the file will have to become a 1024x1024.

I have the files on my Google Drive here.

I’d share the first set of tiles I transformed with them but they are proprietary.


Thank you ! I was looking for a simpler way to use RPG Maker resources in Tiled than Remex or a Photoshop script, you saved me a lot of time.