RPG tileset to Tiled autotile

Hi there,

I bought these tilesets:

Some of them are animated water.
I want to use them with Tiled, i read some topic about remex, a tool to transform them for Tiled.
But i can’t find the software.


Any help ?

Looks like it was announced here in 2012: https://groups.google.com/g/mapeditor/c/hYrOHj_FSHk?pli=1

Source code is here: Source | Remex | Assembla

I’m not sure how useful it’ll be, it hasn’t been touched in quite a while.

I haven’t heard of “remex”, but @fmoo has written some tools that can unpack RPGM autotiles into full tiles. This set of tools doesn’t cover every possible size and autotile style, but maybe it’ll work for these?

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Thanks i will try this tool