How do I make a terrain tile out of this?

I’m using 16x16 tilesets and now I want to use autotiles for grass and dirt etc etc (or terrain as Tiled calls them).

This is my autotile:


Now how do I make a usable terrain out of that in Tiled? I’ve tried several different things already and it’s driving me nuts.

That is not a tileset in the format expected by the Terrain Brush. This tileset is expected to be used in RPG Maker, which implements a very specific way of cutting the tiles into pieces and then recombining them in various ways.

There is an issue open about adding support for RPG Maker autotiles to Tiled, where you can also find some information and links that may help set up this tileset for use with the Terrain Brush:

Ah, I didn’t know that. Thank you for the link

To be able to use this with the Terrain tool, you’d need to use this as an 8x8 tileset instead of 16x16, so that you can access each tile corner as a separate tile.

Terrain labels:
(The sides of the transition tiles aren’t labelled as dirt since those tiles are largely identical to your main dirt tile pieces.)

A quickly terrain-brushed map:
As you can see, as 8x8, the dirt doesn’t quite tile, so you’d need to tweak it if you want to work this way.

If you must use this as 16x16 (e.g. if your other tilesets are also 16x16 and are a hassle to use as 8x8, you’d need to modify this tileset to have all the corners Tiled’s Terrain tool requires, which is very similar to what RPG Maker does under the hood (it builds all the corners out of the sub-tiles in the tileset).

I understand. Thank you for the explanation.

Since it’s trivial but tedious to generate a 16x16 Tiled-compatible tileset image from a 16x16 RPGM-style image, I made a browser-based tool that does it for you:

Here’s what it outputs given your tileset:

Label it in Tiled as 16x16 tiles:

And use away:

(note that this style of terrain cannot create single-tile islands, those either have to be treated as variants of their respective main terrain, or placed by hand.)

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That is really convenient, thank you so much

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