Can't drag tileset into the tileset window

I have about 20 or so png tilesets that I want to add. When I try to drag the images from the folder into the Tilesets view I get a (\) icon and it won’t let me copy them over. It used to work, im not sure why it doesn’t anymore. Any way to upload these with out adding a single tileset for each one.

I’m on the latest build, windows 8.1.

I just tried it on Linux and it still seems to work. Did you remember to make a new map first? When no map is open it can not accept any tilesets.

I did notice the behavior is broken in that the New Tileset dialog will show the “Image Collection” option, which makes no sense in this context. Also, when dragging images on top of an image collection tileset they should probably be added individually and not as additional tilesets. Finally, it does not do anything sensible with .tsx flies. Ah, so much to do…

Thank you for the reply. I made sure I was working in a New map first. So I just got home to try it again to maybe give you more information, but it seems to be working now. I didn’t change anything so I have no idea why it is now working.

Thank you for looking into this.