Can't find stamp files on mac

Dear Tiled- community,

I created my .stamp files in Tiled. When I look up to that files I can’t find the “Tiled” folder with the “stamps” folder in it.

I also searched directly for one of my stamps (tree.stamp) and I can’t find anything on my mac.

How can I backup and share my .stamp files?

Thank you very much,

By default the stamps are stored in the following location on macOS:

/Users/your_user/Library/Application Support/Tiled/stamps

I see this location is not visible in the Finder, unless you open it there explicitly, like from the command-line.

You can change the location to anywhere you want using the small “Set Stamps Folder” button in the Stamps view. Changing the location won’t copy the stamps over though, you will need to do that manually.

Edit: Want to come up with one thing:
If I use one stamp and change to another single tile stamp the selected stamp is colored with a gray background on the Label. If I switch back by clicking on the stamp it doesn’t change directly. I need to select to another stamp first and then back again to the selected stamp… a bit of annoying but a really great feature!

Edit Edit: How can I change the TileMap of a stamp file? If I open my stamp file and change following line: “blabla “image”:”…/images/TileMap_1.png" blabla" to ““blabla “image”:”…/images/TileMap_2.png” blabla"" it always refers to TileMap_1.png. — SOLVED: If only one stamp refers to another TileMap it will copy that TileMap to the map even if you don’t use that stamp.

Edit Edit Edit: If I press R and command + X to cut some parts out of the map Tiled save that command + X state if I press R again. I then need to press R and command to get in the default R state. Would be great to use R always as default state.

Yes I can’t find it in the Finder. Okay then I guess I need to save that files on the desktop.

Thank you for your fast response!!

That is indeed a little annoying. I’ve made a quick fix for it that will be included in the next patch release:

I’m afraid that I don’t understand what you’re saying here. It’s confusing if you say “TileMap” when referring to a tileset. And with one stamp, do you mean one of the variations of a single stamp? Normally tilesets that aren’t part of a map yet are only added when you actually paint with the stamp.

Ah, that’s a bug. Indeed when switching to the Rectangular Select (R) tool, it should always start out in “Replace Selection” mode (unless you still have a modifier key pressed, I guess). I’ve pushed the following patch to fix it:

The fix will also be included in the next patch release. Thanks for reporting these issues!

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