Can you transfer tiled files from pc to mac?

Me and my partner are working on maps together and I just sent a map to a pc from a mac and instead of loading, a message pops up saying "Error loading tileset image:
‘C:/Users/’’ ‘’ ‘’/Desktop/terrain.png’

Line 4, Column 58"

Now I would imagine this is caused by the different formats of the software for the two different tiled’s, but I’m sure I could be wrong. Is there an official pipeline for converting from pc maps to mac and vice versa? Has anyone run into this issue before. Anyway, great program, thanks for the great program!

The file format is exactly the same regardless of the operation system (well, apart from how newlines are stored), so there should be no problem. However, the map uses relative file paths to refer to its tilesets in order to allow them to be relocated together. On Windows, relative file paths are only possible if the map and the tileset reside on the same drive. If the files are on different drives, Tiled has no choice but to fall back to an absolute file path, which will not work on other systems.

You can fix the file reference by editing the map file in a text editor, or you can download a Tiled daily build, since it will allow you to load the map and then locate the tileset wherever you put it on the Mac. This is a new feature for the upcoming Tiled 0.15.

Thanks! I don’t understand yet but I think if I reread this paragraph a few times I should be fine. I’ll try your suggestions.