Custom tileset is patchy?

I’m certain that this is an issue known, but i can’t think of how to word it in such a way that google could get me to the answer. Basically, I’m trying to create a custom tileset, but testing it out before i really invested my time into creating one i noticed that i was getting a patchy-looking effect around the edges of images i loaded into Tiled. I used Tiled in the past years ago without this issue.

The tiles are being made as 280x280, wheras before i had them only as 70x70 so maybe it’s related to that? Because of the appearance of the patchiness i decided to try to remove all semi-transparency but that didn’t fix it, also made sure there was nothing but pure solid white for the background (which is used as the transparent color)

If someone could drop me a link to an answer already given to this issue if there is one, that would suffice as well.

Here is a screenshot of the effect:

Judging by those artifacts you seem to be using the JPEG image format. You should use a lossless format like PNG to avoid such artifacts, or increase the quality of the JPEG until they are no longer noticeable.

I’d recommend using the original artwork in lossless form in Tiled, since you don’t have tight performance concerns there. When you ship your game you will of course want to reduce its size and possibly loading times, but then you need to figure out what works for you without compromising too much on the quality.

Sure enough, i knew i was being stupid about something simple. I guess trying to space was a bit pointless of me. I don’t really need to. Thanks for the quick response to my simple question.

I actually used Tiled to create d20 game maps for my Roll20 groups a couple years ago and am setting it up for that again; and i asked another question back then with a similarly very quick and straightforward response. Now i feel obligated to uninstall, so i can reinstall the purchased version. Which I’m going to do. Not that there’s a difference, but it’s symbolic to me. Because Tiled deserves it.

I’m glad to hear it was indeed that simple!

Thanks a lot for your support! Just note that you don’t need to uninstall to pay for Tiled, you can pay for it here or use the button in the app (if you use that). Since as you say, there is no difference, even though it makes a big difference to me. :slight_smile: