Can't resize minimap window

I like to keep my minimap window floating from the main window. If you overlap the floating windows, it tries to dock them. This recently happened and my minimap window got very skinny and I am unable to resize it back to the floating size I want. I’ve tried grabbing it from all the corners, redocking it, docking other windows to it, etc and nothing works.

Also, is there a way to turn off the docking behavior? I like floating windows and moving them can be frustrating since it wants to keep docking them to the main window.


This is an issue in recent Qt verions, which has been fixed in the meantime but no new Qt release it out yet with the fix. This is why the latest snapshot (2018.07.13), is built against an older version of Qt that did not have this issue yet. See here for more details:

So, upgrading should fix that issue!

On Linux and Windows you can suppress the docking by holding Control while clicking on the title bar of the dock widget. I reckon on macOS this translates to pressing Cmd while clicking.

Unfortunately, downgrading to Qt 5.5.1 failed to do the trick, since that version of Qt is affected by exactly the same bug. I’ll keep the downgrade for now though, since it makes Tiled work on macOS 10.7 rather than requiring at least macOS 10.10.

Thanks for looking into this.