Stuck with floating windows that can't be docked back

My Tiled interface got broken and I can’t find how to fix it (Linux / KDE Plasma Wayland). Some panels are being forcefully turned into floating windows and I can’t dock them back. What’s even weirder is I tried reverting my ~/.local/share/tiled/default.tiled-session file but even after that they persist, it’s like the panel information is being stored directly in memory.

As can be seen, the layers dock has two little icons at the top-right: One with two boxes / windows and one with an X. Where I to click the first button, it would become a floating window like the one you see in the center. But once that happens how do you turn it back? There is no button nor option in the right-click menu to dock the window again nor a way to drag the tab out of its window back into the main one.

You should be able to drag the panel back into the main window by hovering it in/near the edges of the window or edges of other panels.

If that doesn’t seem to work, then it’s probably some sort of incompatibility between Qt and your window manager. Try View > Views and Panels > Reset to Default Layout first. In that case, you can delete the relevant parts of ~/.config/ to reset the panel positions to default. Deleting that file entirely would also work, but then all of your preferences will be reset to default, which is probably not desirable.

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Thanks. Just discovered Tiled seems to use two settings directories, the second is ~/.config/ which I just deleted and now everything reverted to normal. Might be an issue either with Qt or Wayland, I don’t even get some of the base options such as the settings menu unless I use the search function, I only have what you can see in my above screenshot of the main window.

Did you try “Reset to Default Layout” first like I mentioned? Did that not work?

Edit: Regarding the missing menu bar, is it perhaps separate from the window at the top or bottom of the screen, MacOS-style?
There seems to be an issue open for this already, could be worth a bump: Unable to re-dock floating windows · Issue #3412 · mapeditor/tiled · GitHub

I reset the config before I could try, if it happens again I’ll use that. Yeah I’m missing the menu bar, and unlike other Qt applications I’m not getting it in the form of an extra button on the titlebar either, nor any icons or other place: I’m lucky I randomly hit a shortcut (already forgot it) that opened a search menu and I could type “preferences” in there to get it.

The default Search Actions shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+P.

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Thanks, that one. That still works so I can use it till whatever broke gets fixed.

@MirceaKitsune Can you please tell us how you installed Tiled, so we know which build you are using?

I’m on Manjaro Linux. I installed Tiled from its official system packages.

I have the same problem, I have installed Tiled from the Ubuntu Software app (Snap Store)

This bug doesn’t happen if I’m installing Tiled using apt-get

In that case, Tiled must be using X11 instead of Wayland.

Fortunately, there are people working on a solution. Already implemented in the latest Qt releases, but still pending approval of a new Wayland protocol.