Multiple tile selection for an object

I am unable to select multiple tile and set it as an object, is this feature not supported?
Video link :

This is quite frustrating, for not being able to select multiple tile to be used as an object.
Please let me know if I am doing something incorrect here.

This feature is currently unsupported. If you want to place bigger tile objects, you need to store them either as separate images or as part of a tileset with larger tiles. This is because each tile object only refers to a single tile.

It could be supported by automatically creating multiple tile objects, but that would also not be ideal.

Eventually, I’d like to support tilesheets with tiles of varying sizes (currently only supported as an image-collection tileset). This is covered by the following issue:

Thanks for your patience in responding. I am doing level design using Tiled, but another quite annoying bug
I am seeing is that when we add tileset, the tileset tab is not selected.
Video link :
Everytime I need to look through the tabs to find the new tile tab which has been added. Ideally this should be the one which should be shown not the last one I feel. Any thoughts?
IF implemented this will speed up my work I feel, losing time in searching for the new tile everytime. Thanks

Actually since the tabs are ordered alphabetically, the new tileset will not generally be last in the list. But I do agree that when you add a new tileset, its tab should get selected.

Of course, it’s a matter of getting around to it. For Tiled 1.2 I’m trying to focus on things that improve the usability, so this improvement would fit in nicely.

Apart from bringing it to my attention, you can help getting it implemented by either working on it yourself (as free software, Tiled’s source code is available) or by supporting my work as a patron (even $1/month helps me cover the cost of living while spending time developing Tiled).

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Thanks again for your constructive response. I shall try my best to support your work.