Collision Geometry shared between multiple tiles

Because tile based games usually define multiple variations for tiles of the same shape, it would be very common practice for multiple tiles to have identical collision geometry. It would be nice if either the set of tile collision geometry records existed in its own table and each tile could reference an entry from the geometry set… or if a tile could declare its geometry as a reference to a previous tile (copyGeomFromId=“3”)… the 1st suggestion is the cleaner, but the latter may be easier for implementers to update to.

It’s an interesting suggestion, but I worry a little about how to cope with this in the UI. Suggestions welcome.

The Collision Geometry Editor could have a panel showing the entire tileset and another showing only the tiles that reference the current geometry definition… these 2 panels could then be used to add or remove tiles from the geometry definition… select which tile image is currently displayed… and even to navigate to another geometry definition… at least, that would be one way of doing it…

as far as sharing collision geometry between multiple tilesets, I would not want to try to design a ui for that… or even an implementation considering the possibility that some files might be external and other not… that could turn into a nightmare real quickly.

Is this implemented already in some way?

If not, I think it would be best to just have it so if multiple tiles are selected and you’re working in the collision editor, the collision objects are copied everywhere. Just like how properties are copied to all selected tiles if multiple tiles are selected. No?