Defining different collision types


I would like to implement tiles which the player is able to jump through vertically, but would collide with the tile if the player is moving downwards. How could this be implemented using properties (or something else if there is a better way)? Manually adding a boolean to each collision object and check/unchecking it depending on its type seems incredible tedious, is there a way to make it that all collision objects have this property, and I would simply check it if it was a tile that could be jumped through?

Thanks for the help

You can select all the relevant tiles and set the relevant property on the tile, and it’ll be set for all of them. This’ll be on the tiles though, not the collision objects, so you’d have to make sure you check the tile’s properties when parsing collisions.

You can do something similar when assigning collision to a bunch of tiles - select all of them, create the collision object(s) with the appropriate class or properties, and it’ll be created in all of them, and then handle the shape. You can also do this with the somewhat hidden feature where you can right-click a collision object and copy it to selected tiles.

It’s also possible to script this. You could make a script that looks at the selected tiles, and sets your desired property to true (or whatever other value you want) on all the collision objects in those tiles.

You can also create a group dedicated to the kind of collision and aanother one for the “normal” collisions