Delimit Screens


I would like to know if it is possible to delimit the screens in the editor

Above all, so as not to go overboard when creating the screens.

That is, if I create a map that is 16 patterns wide, and each 8 patterns is an individual screen, there should be a thicker mark or line or a different color.
Here is an example image made with Paint:

Logically, there would also be vertical delimiters


You can use the Major Grid for this. There’s actually a Major Grid line already visible in your screenshot, it’s just not where you want it to be. You can configure the size of the Major Grid in Edit > Preferences > Interface.

If you want it more visible than the Major Grid, you can place a grid (made of tiles, or an image) as another layer in your map, perhaps at low opacity in the background.

Thanks, eishiya

In the end I created an image of a red vertical line 200 pixels high by 1 pixel wide, and I placed it on the editor screen to separate the screens.

Once everything was finished, I simply deleted them.

Thanks again