Does Tiled allow different sized tiles?

Does Tiled allow different sized tiles within the same .tmx? I would like to create high resolution tiles for the terrain, but smaller tiles for the objects. For example, in this concept-art screenshot, the sand would be a large isometric tile (to minimize the effect of repetition if I used small tiles). The house and trees would be smaller tiles. I need to be able to have different sized tiles within the same environment. Thank you :]

Yes, you could choose “Collection of Images” when creating your tileset, then you can add individual images to it and they don’t need to be the same size.

When I select “Collection of Images”, it doesn’t prompt me to select an image. I tried importing “Based on Tileset Image” and then setting the dimensions to the size of my tile image. The problem I run into is I can’t place the tiles where I want, it keeps snapping it to a grid. This is my tile:

@derp_derpstein See this: Creating an isometric map - images bigger than tile

When you select ‘Collection of images’ you don’t get prompted. Instead, an empty tileset is created for you. Use the + button on the tileset window to add images.

I’m working on a project with the same challenges and I found that the best to do this currently is to use Image Objects, not tiles. The main difference is that in Image Objects the anchor point is at the center-bottom, which makes registration to the grid predictable. Furthermore, you have the option of not snapping to the grid if you don’t want that.

Because the default anchor point registration of tiles is at the center of a virtual tile of a size that is the map’s cell size on the lower-left corner of the tile being painted, this makes using images larger than the map’s cell sizes not practical because there’s no correspondence between the tile’s intended anchor point. This applies to isometric (and hex) only of course.

Perhaps as a suggestion to @bjorn: although it may be a difficult proposition, perhaps it’s possible to modify a tile’s anchor point on a per tile basis? This is similar in concept to how we can define collision shapes per-tile. Then the placement of the tile will be according to this anchor point.

And/Or as an alternative (possibly easier?) or convenience feature, we can choose a predefined anchor point, eg upper-left, center-center, center-bottom, center-right, etc.

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Both are features I’d like to get around to eventually.

For per-tile origin point, I need to get around to merging and completing this pull request:

There’s the following issue for making the tile anchoring configurable: