Dropdown menu cropping text


I am having an issue with the dropdown menus cropping text inorrectly:

This is the best I can make them appear after trying the following: adjust zoom level, adjust size of Tiled on monitor, adjust size of windows (ex layers), and moving Tiled to my laptop monitor and back to my larger monitor. This last action was the only one that seemed to make a difference.

I have a dual monitor setup using a surface book 3 (Win 11) and a SAMSUNG 32-inch 4K UHD Model LS32AM702UNXZA. They are connected via surface dock 2 with a usb-c to hdmi adaptor. I run Tiled off the samsung.

Does anyone know of a solution for this?

Cheers and thank you for the help:]

Hmm, could you try whether it’s an issue with the style? Does it still happen when you pick “Native” for the following Style option (you may need to restart afterwards):


It would also be interesting to know, whether the issue is still there in a recently development build, since they’re using a more recent Qt version. You can pick the latest successful build at Build Packages · Workflow runs · mapeditor/tiled · GitHub, scroll down to “Artifacts” and download for example the “Tiled-win64” version (for testing it’s better to not use the MSI, since that would replace your current Tiled installation).

The Native solution worked! Thank you so much:D

I tried the second method as well but I think it’s the same. The same as in fixed!
When I run the tiled.exe that came in the “Tiled-win64” I can see the dropdowns there too!

Thank you

Just in case, do you mean that it is fixed in that version, even when using Tiled Fusion rather than Native style?