Failed to load tileset image

I’m getting this error after updating to ver 1.10.0. It says it can’t localize the referenced file, but even when I localize it and insist in adding the image to the tileset, the error message “unable to read image data” appears.

I have some hypothesis… My “tileset” is pretty big. 5720 x 6880, precisely. Could this be causing the problem? Though, I used it in previous versions without problems so idk :confused:

It could be the size that’s the problem, yes. Without realising it, Tiled 1.10 got a rather small image allocation limit because it switched to a newer version of the Qt framework it uses.

This will be fixed in the next release. For now, you have three options:

  • Download one of the nightly builds from GitHub, which already have this fix in place. You will need a GitHub account to download builds.
  • Downgrade to 1.9.2 until 1.10.1 comes out.
  • Set the environment variable QT_IMAGEIO_MAXALLOC to 0 to disable the limit in your existing version. This is done in your OS, not in Tiled, and will apply to all Qt programs you use.