Weird problem with image layers not loading image

Since this update (possibly even slightly earlier?), images placed in an image layer won’t load, with the error: “Failed to read metatile map (Image + directory path): Not a map file.” Not completely sure why this is occurring, but some help would be really appreciated :sweat_smile:

This usually happens when Tiled can’t open your image file(s), such as because they’re missing, or are invalid. The metatile map error also shows up for some reason, I guess because when it fails to load an image, it tries to load the same path as a map.

Since 1.10, there is also an image allocation limit (see issue #3616). Perhaps the images you’re trying to load are large enough to hit that limit? This limit will be raised significantly in 1.10.1.

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Thank you for the response! Looks like I might have to wait for 1.10.1 then, it is a really large image that displays the chunk map (16384x8192), so that explains a lot :smile:

Until the next Tiled release, if you can live without the 1.10 features, you could downgrade to 1.9.2, which did not have this limit.

Just mentioning two other options:

  • You can keep using 1.10.0, if you set an environment variable QT_IMAGEIO_MAXALLOC to 0. That disables the limit entirely.

  • Since the bug is already fixed on master, you can take a recent build from Actions · mapeditor/tiled · GitHub.