Fill large areas with terrain

Is there a way to fill a large area with a terrain easily?..I have a large map (2048x2048 tiles) … it’s big pain to fill it all manually (and it seems regular fill feature doesn’t work with terrains , only individual tiles). I thought there might be some key command or something…

While the regular fill tool doesn’t work with terrain, usually it is still the quickest thing to use. It does use the tile “probability” property when you’re filling with multiple tiles at the same time. And when you go along the edges of the fill with the terrain tool afterwards, it will usually be able to correct large sections at the same time.

But I agree it would be really nice to have a terrain-aware mode for filling.

Thanks, that method does work!

One other question, is there a way to use a bitmap as an “input” like a heightmap, to place terrain. Say I made a heightmap in an external program, is there some way the automapping feature could place certain terrain types at certain elevation values.? That would be a huge time saver for me…

Great tool anyway!

–Matt Aufderheide

Glad to hear!

That feature currently doesn’t exist, but it’s a great idea! Maybe you’d like to have a go at adding it? :slight_smile: