How do I figure out the spacing for asset packs?

I’ve just started out and everytime I find an asset pack and set my tile size the spacing is wrong, images overlap etc.

Some asset packs provide that data in the description or in the readme files. For most others, you can open them in an image editor and count the pixels (or use the ruler tool if the editor has one). Measuring between solid tiles is best, since it’s easier to tell what’s spacing and what’s part of the tile.

Lastly, some asset packs are just not arranged in a tidy grid, and require a metadata file to locate each sprite/tile. Typically, these files are provided with the image, but sometimes they are not. In either case, Tiled cannot make use of these, and you either need to slice them up into many images to use as a collection of images, or rearrange them to fit a grid that Tiled can use.

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Thanks so much :slight_smile: you’re awesome