How do I get a numbered grid?

How do I number my grid so I can find the exact middle?

Tiled does not have a numbered grid at the moment (the old Java version of Tiled did, and it may eventually return). However, you can find the middle by moving the mouse and looking at the hover coordinates displayed in the status bar.

Thank you that will be helpful, would it be hard for you to implement I really like it, and it’s part of my workflow from Gimp so it would help me a lot. As well as others I’m sure.

GIMP has this feature? Are you talking about the rulers? This could be covered by the following issue and for sure is something that would be nice to add:

Regarding whether it would be hard, the problem is that it takes time, and there are so many things to do and all the requests are competing for a small amount of time. If you want to help ensure that I will get around to many improvements, please consider becoming one of my patrons.