How to cut and paste tiles

I drew some tiles and want to move them on the map. The Best Practices page says to use the Select tool and then cut/paste (

When I select my tiles, Copy/Cut/Paste are all grayed out. Do I have to delete my tiles and redraw them?

Maybe you’re hit by the following issue:

It seems that on OS X there is a problem with menu items not getting enabled/disabled appropriately.

At least for your use-case, you can just copy/paste your tiles by using right-click-drag to capture the tiles and then left-click to paint with them elsewhere. You rarely need to actually use the copy/paste feature, unless you want to copy a piece of the map to another map.

Thanks for the prompt bjorn!

That certainly seems like the issue I’m seeing and am using version 0.11.0 but I’m running OS X 10.10.3, if that makes a difference.

Unfortunately, when I right-click on a tile and drag nothing happens (no selection made or cursor change). Selecting first and then right-click dragging doesn’t produce any results either.

I downloaded 0.10.2 and copy/paste works, but I performing right-click drag to capture and paint tiles produces no visible action. I’m new to the Tiled application though so maybe I’m missing a step.

Do you have the Stamp tool selected while trying this? It’s not part of the selection tool.

Great! I was trying it with the Select tool, not the stamp tool. It works using a mouse and the Stamp tool. Thanks!