How to place Solid Colors

Is there no way to place solid colors besides having a defined tileset defining them?
If that is the only way, where can I find one with basic colors?
And in general, it seems overly complicated to find tilesets. Where are the go-to repositories?

Correct, you would need to use tiles. Tiled is a tilemap editor, after all, not a painting program. Depending on your exact needs, you could make a tileset that just consists of one pure white tile, and use the layer tint colour to colour it. Since the tint colour is a per-layer property, you’d need a separate layer for each colour, so this is only practical if you only have a few colours you need to work with.

You can create a basic colour tileset with any image editor. Krita, GIMP, MS Paint, anything will work. You don’t need to be an artist to make an image that just consists of squares (or iso diamonds, or hexes) of solid colours, or other basic tiles.

You can find paid and free stock tilesets on itch io and other gamedev asset stores, and you can find free stock tilesets on OpenGameArt. For purely personal use, you can also try SpritersResource, which has some tilesets from commercial games.

Note that some stock tilesets have multiple tiles in one image but the tiles are not arranged on a uniform grid, Tiled cannot use such tilesets very well, so you should avoid those unless you want to do a bunch of image editing.

It’s also very common for people to draw their own tilesets, building them up with the tiles they need.

Thanks for the info!

I could make my own, but I thought surely someone has created and shared something so basic. Just weird that I can’t find such a thing.

Making maps and such, there’s usually a solid black background.

Should I be using the terrain feature for this. I’m certainly a beginner, but that didn’t immediately come off to me as a proper use of the tool.

It’s because it’s so basic. People don’t tend to make stock of things that are faster to create from scratch than to upload or find online xP

If you want a solid background, you can set the Background Color property on the map itself. It doesn’t really make sense to do it with tiles xP You could also just leave it as-is, as the black colour is usually just the default fill colour used when rendering the map at runtime. Of course, setting it in Tiled will give you a more accurate preview.

Ah, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a Background Color property. That would certainly solve the problem. That is really what I was asking in my original post. I obviously haven’t spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs.

It was right there all along. Thank you for the help!