How to select just squares(in tilesets)

hello, im a newbie to tiled and was wondering as to why i cant select blocks like the tutorials i see instead of selecting the whole tileset ive loaded?

this is how i loaded it ^^ and i want to be able to select block by block of this tileset(titled "spritesheet’) to build platforms on a single layer. however everytime i load one and try to select a block out of the sheet, it ends up selecting the whole tileset.

this is what i end up with. ive included the whole screenshot.

Thanks in advance!

Your tile width and height seem to be wrong. Those should be the dimensions of the tiles, but you seem to have set them to the size of the entire tilesheet image, so you’re telling Tiled your tileset contains one big tile instead of a bunch of smaller tiles.

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wow of course. i feel so dumb lol the amount of time i spent trying to figure it out. it makes sense. Thanks!

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