Imported tiles are a different colour to the source file

Colour difference

Left is the source file tiles, right is what Tiled is making it look like. My tileset is just a .png file.

I’ve tried searching how to change this, but can’t see anyone else bringing it up.

Your art program probably does some colour management, while Tiled does not and ignores any colour profile in the image, so you’re seeing your OS’s default colour profile.

You should be able to disable colour management or or enable proofing for sRGB or Monitor RGB in your image editor to get the same results you’d see in Tiled and other programs that don’t do colour management.

Thank you for the answer. I used PhotoShop to make the tiles. When viewing them in Finder they look the same as PhotoShop.

Am I right to assume that if you were to export the maps the original colours would be retained and Tiled wouldn’t override them?

Finder probably respects the colour profile, while Tiled doesn’t. Have you tried enabling Proof Colors in Photoshop, and selecting “Monitor RGB” in the Proof Setup menu? The proof stuff is in Photoshop’s View menu.

If you export the map from Tiled, any colour profile information from the original tileset(s) will be lost. However, you should be able to open the exported file in Photoshop and assign the profile you want, if you need to.

If this is for a video game, you should keep in mind that most game engines will also discard colour management information, so the result in Tiled is likely to be similar to what you’d see in-game.