Tiled seems to be saturating tilesets from images

Hello! I’m pretty new to Tiled and pixel art in general. I’ve been using aseprite to create a tileset. I export this tileset from aseprite as a PNG. Both my tileset on aseprite and in the PNG have the same saturation. However, when I create a tileset in Tiled with this PNG, the saturation increases. Does anyone know what is causing this or how to fix it? It’s pretty frustrating as I can’t use my actual tiles for the map without them being saturated (even if slightly so). I have attached a screenshot with the PNG on the left and saturated tileset on the right.

I’ve tried image formats other than PNGs and saving the tileset in both JSON and XML, but the Tiled version is always saturated. Also I’m on a Mac (M2 chip) if that’s relevant.

The cause is probably colour management, Tiled and Aseprite are probably using different colour profiles. Tiled doesn’t do any colour management as far as I know, and likely disregards any colour profile data in your files. In Aseprite, in Edit > Preferences > Color, you can disable colour management or change the settings. Maybe you can fiddle with something there to get your art looking consistent with Tiled.

You should also be mindful of the colour management done by your game engine, if this is for a digital game. Most engines don’t do any I think, though some have options for it.
And, colour managed or not, there will always be variation in how users see your colours because everybody’s screens are different, and most people don’t calibrate their screens. As long as the colour relationships within and between your various assets are solid, your art will look good on most screens, even if it doesn’t look the same as it does on yours.

Thank you! You’re right about it being something to do with color profiles. My Mac is set to “color LCD” but when I change this to sRGB, the PNG and aseprite images appear saturated like they are in Tiled. So this seems to indicate Tiled always uses sRGB as the color profile? I guess my next step is figuring out how to convert the actual RGB values so they will look in sRGB like they do in color LCD.

Anyways, thanks again!