Is there a way to reset the tile index order in a tilesheet?

There’s a way to move tiles in tilesheet so ID 34 can be reordered to where ID 165 should be, but if your tilesheets starts to look something like [ ID1 ID2 ID45 ID4 ID98 ] is there a way to reset the position of each tile so it goes back to [ ID1, ID2, ID3, ID4, etc…] ?

I’m trying to edit a game’s maps for modding, but the xnb unpacker I used to get the .tbins seems to have messed up the tile order on a few maps. I’m not having any luck finding another xnb unpacker, and it looks like my only option is manually fix the tile order… but I really don’t wanna do that.

Does Tiled have any magic that can make it go back to normal?

At the moment there is no “Reset tile order” action, but it has been requested before and it makes sense to add it.

I’m not sure I understand the deal with the xnb unpacker though. How could the unpacker mess up the tile order? Also, since the tile order is just visual and otherwise irrelevant, I’m not sure if a “Reset tile order” action as such would actually help you with your problem.

You could open the file in notepad++ and edit manually